Pearl District Neighborhood Association (PDNA) Emergency Preparedness

The PDNA E-Prep Committee is organizing a grassroots, resident-led, emergency preparedness (e-prep) program based on the ideas that:

  • Preparedness is about community, not catastrophe
  • The time to prepare for an emergency or disaster is before it happens

The goal of the e-prep program is to work with Pearl residents to build a culture of emergency preparedness in the Pearl:

  • Making the community safer, more prepared and more resilient
  • Developing relationships and capacities during normal time, before a disaster strikes

E-Prep Committee Volunteers are working in their buildings to:

  • Organize resident-based E-Prep committees
  • Engage with management company & owner / homeowners association (HOA), to encourage their support.
  • Bring the community together – at both the household & building level – to enhance disaster response capability by:
    • Raising awareness of hazards, including earthquakes
    • Making and practicing emergency plans
    • Developing E-Prep resources & capacities
    • Learning how to stay informed about changing conditions during a disaster
E-Prep Committee volunteers are working with the residents of their buildings to develop emergency and disaster response capabilities, including:
  • E-Prep buddy system – resident mutual support agreements
  • Supporting residents with functional and/or access needs and provide emergency child/elder/pet care
  • Disaster first aid
  • Emergency communications using family radio service (FRS) walkie-talkies
  • Controlling building utilities and putting out small fires
  • Building evacuation
  • Shelter-in-place:
    • Food and water storage & distribution
    • Sanitation – PHLUSH, two bucket toilet system
Building E-Prep organizing initiatives are underway in a half-dozen buildings in the Pearl, with more under discussion. Check out the PDNA website for more information.