Ever wondered what that exercise studio on the corner of 10th and Marshall is all about?

My curiosity led me to signing up for a class at Barre3. At the Barre3 Pearl studio, you can expect an easy-to-follow, fun, and relaxing workout experience. With routines involving focused breathing, deep stretching, and pumped-up cardio sets, it’s an ideal way to revitalize your energy and shed some extra pounds.

Barre3 incorporates three different exercise routines—ballet barre, Pilates, and yoga—into one challenging workout. It’s fine-tuned to strengthen your muscles and improve your overall mental and physical balance. Whether you are an active athlete, expecting a child, or getting back into the groove of a healthy lifestyle, Barre3 will be a good fit for you.

My experience at Barre3 was nothing short of wonderful. Before my first class, I was nervous and didn’t know anyone, but from the moment I walked in, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. I got situated with my Barre3 core exercise ball, weights, and mat, which are all free for clients to use during class. As light music began to play, we started with a few rounds of meditative breathing to engage our minds. We then began a brief warm up to get our heart rates elevated and moved right into the workout. We did a variety of exercises like jogging in place, lunges, and squats. The instructor really took the time to check my form, encourage me at each stage, and teach me modifications when necessary. She pushed me to challenge myself but still encouraged me to take each movement at my own pace.

In addition to the studio class, I attended the annual Barre3 in the Park event last summer at Fields Park. I enjoyed checking out an array of vendors giving out juice samples, showcasing workout gear, and offering French braiding services. To top it off, the creator and owner of Barre3, Portland resident Sadie Lincoln, instructed a huge outdoor class for over a thousand participants. She shared from her heart her journey of creating a lasting, healthy lifestyle. As I looked around the park, I experienced a moment of peace, freedom, and revitalization like I never had before. 

I hope this blog encourages you to reach past your comfort zone and try something new. At the very least, I hope it gives you an answer to the question that go through your mind when you pass that studio on 10th and Marshall full of people balancing, stretching, and squatting.

For more information and to sign up for a class, visit:

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