by Bettie DeWitt


We have a new tree this year in Jamison Square Park! It is a 30-foot Oregon Cascade fir (albeit faux) which was made by Crystal Valley Decorations in Albany, Oregon.  The lights are new RGB light strands which are controlled at the individual LED level, so the lights are able to operate in an independent fashion. This accounts for the computerized light show and the ability to write messages around the middle of the tree which say Happy Holidays Portland and Good Will and Peace to All.  Pretty neat!!

Carols are also played for a few hours every night – a nice mix of carols for children, traditional vocals and some instrumentals, too. The songs play every 20 minutes from 5:30 to 9:30. For the second year, snowflakes are thrown on the floor of the park and the star at the top shines bright.

The tree will be taken down January 5 2015. Maybe there will be some freak snowstorm and they will have to leave it up a few days past that date. Until then, enjoy!!