by Bettie DeWitt

Just a smattering of some of the holiday preparations at our home-grown businesses in the Pearl District neighborhood. First up….Christopher David‘s (corner of NW Kearney and 10th on Jamison Square) Christopher has found so many great and unusual things to brighten up the season.

IMG_7437On the refined end, there are wonderful ornaments of feathers in clear glass in various shapes and sizes. On the rustic feel-good side, they have felted ornaments from Roost, this year featuring the Racoon Bandits, mistletoe and small animal heads mounted like taxidermy. CDExD have several luxurious candle options, including the pine cone-shaped candles made of beeswax shown here, and antler-shaped ornaments of mercury glass. And books. And trunks. And lights. And maps. And paintings. And and and. Gotta go see.



IMG_7431Also on tap are many beautiful flowers, sold by the stem or made into spectacular arrangements, large or small, just right for the holiday host. Cosmin and his staff is always happy to help compose just the right fragrant mix.


To make your stop even more delicious than just a visual treat, Kevin & Co. will make your favorite coffee drink. Or pour you a glass of Prosecco to give you strength to shop on. Stop by and see all their goodies!!