by Bettie DeWitt

Chris' Santas

How great are these? Chris Willis, Collector Extraordinaire and Chief Illuminator, has once again lightened up the Pearl and our hearts with part of his collection of holiday characters, these vintage Empire Plastic blowmolds. This year he’s showcasing Santa and his Friends and Colleagues at 1019 NW 11th between Seres on the corner and Flairwalk. If you remember, Chris did another installation at the FLOR space in Tanner Place a few years ago (before it was occupied by FLOR) which contained enough Santas to come down the chimneys of greater Portland all at the same time. To see better photos than mine please visit here. Chris’s posted sign is below so you can appreciate all the details.

Photo: Chris Willis

Photo: Chris Willis

Chris' Poster

Please stop by to see. The figures light up at noon and continue until you’re home fast asleep. Or watching NCIS or Downton Abbey. And they’ll be there until January. Enjoy!!