Frank Harris, VP of Construction for Hoyt Properties invited the Crew of Hoyt Realty Group (Marilyn Andersen – Principal Broker, Marci Johnston – Broker, Michele Bell – Broker and Laura Johnson – Office Manager), to a job site tour of the VISTA North Pearl Condominium Building. On site to assist with the tour was Andersen Construction’s Kevin Larkin.

Staff toured all four floors currently poured and in place. They learned about the various methods of pouring concrete as the building goes higher and higher, the importance of load bearing concrete supports being put in place while floors cure, run off edging for drips off decking, the vast network of plumbing and water lines put in place, the logistics esthetically of┬áthe VISTA parking garage located in the center of the building and, of course, views that are already outstanding – even from the 3rd and 4th floors.

All in all…….. a VERY informative adventure!