by Bettie DeWitt


Now THAT’s a dress!! Or maybe just a top, I’m not quite sure which! This is in the window at Silkwood¬†(NW corner of NW 11th and Johnson), one of the many boutique women’s wear shops in our neighborhood, along with Mabel and Zora¬†right across NW 11th on the east side of the street. Silkwood is offering a wide range of holiday wear from the very fancy to the awesomely casual, including accessories galore and great gifts.

IMG_7552Physical Element has moved a few blocks away and it, along with Garnish and Leanna NYC, are all on the east side of the block of NW 12th Avenue between Glisan and Flanders. These stores have beautiful choices of holiday wear for any occasion. Stop by and see and remember these are all independent stores, not a Macy’s or Nordstrom in sight!