by Bettie DeWitt

Photo: Elliott Schofield

Photo: Elliott Schofield

A beautiful sight, yes? The scheduled opening for The Fields Park is now March 15th when the folks at Portland Parks & Recreation feel everything will be finished. They were going to have a partial opening in January but decided to wait. Sound idea, we think. After all, who would want to enjoy the new space and NOT be able to use the dog park at the north end? Nobody, that’s who!

Those of you with kids – I bet they can’t wait to get to enjoy that fantastic children’s area! The rope bridge, the climbing structure, all those soft spongy tiles used for the base.

And the boardwalk! What a great design decision. Maybe it will inspire the city to put a crosswalk across NW Overton where it will join the continuation of the boardwalk along 10th between NW Northrup and Overton.

But who’s mentioning building on Block 15?