by Bettie DeWitt

SignageThe news from Portland Parks & Recreation is that the date for the Grand Opening of the Fields Park has been pushed to May 6. And, as disappointing as that is for us, by that time Spring will have sprung and the new plants and trees should be more established and even flowering! And the geese will have flown over to Waterfront Park to play with their friends at the Cinco de Mayo festival!The Dog Park

There is lots of work still to be done – the dog park needs to be finished and the childrens’ play area needs to be fenced in. Some of the paths still need to be laid but the loo and most of the benches and tables have been installed. Fencing will also be put up on the eastern border of the park, between us and the rails, to give some protection and security. Although much of the planting has been done, there still are trees and plants that need to be put in the ground.

Doggy Bowl!!

It’s not like they haven’t been working out there – it seems like they’ve been working night and day to get it finished! More work than they ever imagined, I guess. The lights are up and beautiful. But the streets need to be cleaned and the construction trucks need to go and all the guys with the hardhats have to move on.

Snail Sculpture

And they’re installing art. Won’t that be fun! The snail sculptures will provoke many a comment, I’m sure!

Bark... Woof!